Fighting with Lightsabers

Fighting with Lightsabers

As you know, I’m not a StarWars fan by any stretch of the imagination (or maybe I’m so much of a fan that I simply can’t accept what’s happened to the franchise), but I thought you might be interested in this. It’s a discussion of what’s wrong with the fight choreography in Lightsaber duels, and what could be done to fix it, from somebody who takes sword-fighting seriously. (His name is John Clements, and he says he’s a professional practicioner and researcher into Renaissance martial arts–which probably means Wendy’s heard of him.)

Sunday’s obsession is becoming d20 Krawl

Since very few people were there on Sunday, I should explain what happened. Josh said that Doug was thinking of doing a D&D game with interchangable characters, and that got me thinking. We could distill D&D characters down to a character card and equipment cards, give it a console-ish feel and still have it be D&D.

So, I started obsessing. Since then I have made boards for a dungeon, determined the changes I will make to d20 to make this work, made character sheets (a page of feat/spell/special ability data has appeared as well) and gotten graphics for 50 equipment cards.

I hope to get the chance to run this next Sunday (August 21?). If anyone would like to get a jump on things, you can go to and make a first level character. There are a few limitations:

1) Magic Users may not specialize
2) Clerics do not choose domains
3) Attacks of Opportunity will be used, but ony a very simplified version. Don’t get any feats or skills that ONLY affect attacks of opportunity. (Combat Reflexes comes to mind.)

Anything else that comes up we can work out at the game.

I’ll put a short description of the world in the extended entry.

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