Seen on the World of Warcraft Forum Pardon me for hijacking the thread, here.. But, Brion – if you don’t want your mother to know you were up and on the computer at 3:29 in the morning – DON‘T post on a forum that she reads. Busted. Grounded. (no, I don’t read the forum, somebody […]

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Fighting with Lightsabers

Fighting with Lightsabers As you know, I’m not a StarWars fan by any stretch of the imagination (or maybe I’m so much of a fan that I simply can’t accept what’s happened to the franchise), but I thought you might be interested in this. It’s a discussion of what’s wrong with the fight choreography in […]

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So this is how GMs do it…

Here’s a pretty funny RPG Generator. It lacks a “reload” button, which smacks of poor design, but fortunately all major browsers come equipped with one, so it’s no big deal. Now that I’ve unleashed this, though, I’m suddenly overcome with a feeling of impending doom.

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Cool Keyboard

Optimus keyboard has a little display built into every keyface, so that it can dynamically display what the key is being used for. Although this could conceivably have a practical purpose, in switching a keyboard between alphabets, of course what everybody actually is going to use it for is games (assuming they actually produce it).

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