Zap! updated!

There’s a new version of Zap! on RPGNow.  A lot of work went into this one.  There are some rules clarifications, and significant new optional rules for things like speeding ship-to-ship combat, adding hit locations to regular combat, and pages and pages of new example equipment.  Many of the most useful tables have been added […]

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A Brief E.L.F.s & Espers Glossary

E.L.F.  Engineered Life Form D.W.A.R.F.   Deep Warren Adapted Rock Form H.O.B.B.T. Habitat Optimized Biologically Based Technology G-N.O.M.E. Genetic-Nonce Organism, Modified Experimental O.G.R.E. Organism Grossly Reinforced Experimental M.A.G.E. Magically Adept Genetically Engineered O.R.K. Organism for Relentless Killing H-E.M.A.N. Hyper-Enhanced Male Android Newtype S.H.E.R.A. Super Human Emergency Response Android C.O.B.O.L.D.s Common Order Biologically Optimized Layered Design

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Commerce… in Spaaaace!

Here’s a quick take on doing commerce in Zap! Space Trucking For simple “Take this cargo and deliver it” runs, roll the Cargo Bay power of the ship vs. Difficulty 13 for how far (how many scenes) you have to travel before you deliver the cargo and get 1 Wealth Point payoff.  You can use […]

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Zap! or Kapow in Spaaaace!

Since Dan’s interested in changing his Warhammer 40K setting using SavageWorlds over to Kapow! I need to get cracking on writing up a minimal set of the genre-specific rules for changing it from supers to space opera. Broadly I think these are the areas that need tweaking: Equipment For superheroes, equipment other than vehicles is […]

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