Las Confesiones de Sor Teresa

I’ve been charged with writing up last night’s session — the one where the GM was, quite literally, on the floor laughing — but it’s easier said than done. Mental mistakes were made, and it’s difficult for me (the person who made them) to quite reconstruct why. However, I’ll do my best. We were looking […]

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James Jadwin – 1840-1886. RIP.

OK, maybe I shouldn’t be have been surprised. Last night my Deadlands character James Jadwin was struck dead by God. Frankly, I’m surprised that God had the balls to do it. In our continuing quest to put back together the universe that we had so blithely destroyed, our party had acquired the last of three […]

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Clockstoppers Quotes

“Well, hell, I’ve got the clap!” – Cal “The corn grows as high as the vampire bat flies…” – Scott “I can make any of jou dead at any time.” – Sor. Theresa “My suggestion is, if they come and catch us, we all strip.” – Sor. Theresa “You will report to the stripping angel […]

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Thoughts on World Destroying

The Deadlands Adventurer’s group will forever be known as the party that destroyed the universe. Really. Here I intend to explore some of the theological ramifications of this turn of events. For those of you who haven’t been keeping track, our Sunday night Deadlands campaign took a nasty turn when we discovered that an Evildoer(tm) […]

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Notable Quotes

Tell me I’m going to hell – James Jadwin, requesting a bit of roleplaying on the part of the working girl at the local cathouse, whom he’s first had dress in a nun’s habit… Jou are goin’ to hell, jou know – Sor. Theresa’s favorite phrase Demons always operate without a permit – Sor. Theresa […]

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