Moldvay’s “Appendix N”

Since Christian Lindke asks “AD&D’s Appendix N? What About the Moldvay Appendix?” but doesn’t actually list or point to the Appendix anywhere, I thought it would be helpful to reproduce it. This is the gist of it, not a letter-perfect recreation.  The original is from Dungeons & Dragons, edited by Tom Moldvay, (c) 1974.  Reproduced […]

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Creating a Grittier Tone in SFX!

Kyrinn Eis, who’s currently playing in my Skyships of Atlantis! setting as part of play-testing Zorch! the Fantasy RPG, was asking last night about how you’d run a grittier setting.  The default  in the SFX! games tends toward a fairly light-hearted tone where the protagonists are never in much actual danger.  For example, there are […]

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