The Rambling Bumblers

Scott complains that my characterization of the group currently in the Spice Islands as the “Rambling Bumblers” is harsh. Well, it may be harsh, but the epithet isn’t mine: “Rambling Bumblers” is what Wendy’s been calling the group since the fiasco in the “Pandora’s Box” dimension. If the group would like to pick an official […]

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Notable Quotes

Tell me I’m going to hell – James Jadwin, requesting a bit of roleplaying on the part of the working girl at the local cathouse, whom he’s first had dress in a nun’s habit… Jou are goin’ to hell, jou know – Sor. Theresa’s favorite phrase Demons always operate without a permit – Sor. Theresa […]

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The Neng Campaigns

I currently have several campaigns set in Neng, although they have varying degrees of frequency. Russell has a two characters Carlys eal Tharstorr and Salaomer ein Ringoral (who drop in on the other campaigns when he’s available generally once or twice a year); when one of us visits the other, we usually get in a […]

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The Campaigns

Campaign System GM Status The Rose Tower FUDGE Joshua Hiatus Rambling Bumblers FUDGE Joshua Current The Sun Also Rises Exalted Paul Current ClockStoppers Deadlands Joshua Current Millenium City Homebrew Mike Defunct Infinite City D&D3E Joshua New Fallout Faded Suns(?) Doug Defunct Camelot 1999 Nobilis Rob Never Got Started Hack Em Up! Hackmaster Joshua Defunct Dende […]

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Wilkommen – Bienvenue – Welcome

Welcome to BlogRiPpinG, a blog to record comments and info about our Sunday RPG group’s activities. I’m hoping this will encourage people to do a little more writing up about the campaign goings-on, as well as providing a more permanent home for the notable quotes that currently end up only the back of people’s character […]

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