This is How I Rule

Nowadays I mostly use SFX! and its variants (a system of my own devising), though I do use Stars Without Number for a science fiction game with the kids, and a homebrewed version of D&D when they want to go dungeon delving. I also recently ran a one-shot of Old School Hack. As a player […]

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This is How I Role

When it comes to sitting on the player side of the table, I prefer games with a lot of scope for player initiative and planning.  I don’t insist on Sandbox worlds, but I really dislike railroading. I tend towards playing Mad Thinker types; even my brutes tend to have flashes of So Stupid It’s Brilliant […]

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This is How I Roll

Following Greyhawk Grognard and Big Ball of No Fun, here’s a post of my preferences in RPGs: The rules as you play should all fit in your head, with maybe a cheat sheet or a character sheet to remind you.  Having to stop and look something up in the middle of a combat is a […]

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