The Fallen Lands

I’ve created an Obsidian Portal site for my online Fallen Lands campaign. My Sunday group has actually switched to doing 5e Phandelver on Roll20 during the quarantine, but I fell in with a new group that was playing OD&D and they expressed interest in playing a second night a week with me refereeing. People have […]

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Original Edition Delta Plus DCC

As much as I’m looking forward to getting back to the stark simplicity of OD&D (as streamlined and simplified by Original Edition Delta) there are certain rules from Dungeon Crawl Classics that I’m unwilling to do without because they fix what seems to me to be genuine problems with OD&D (at least for me and […]

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A Brief E.L.F.s & Espers Glossary

E.L.F.  Engineered Life Form D.W.A.R.F.   Deep Warren Adapted Rock Form H.O.B.B.T. Habitat Optimized Biologically Based Technology G-N.O.M.E. Genetic-Nonce Organism, Modified Experimental O.G.R.E. Organism Grossly Reinforced Experimental M.A.G.E. Magically Adept Genetically Engineered O.R.K. Organism for Relentless Killing H-E.M.A.N. Hyper-Enhanced Male Android Newtype S.H.E.R.A. Super Human Emergency Response Android C.O.B.O.L.D.s Common Order Biologically Optimized Layered Design

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Brynn’s Saga

Brynn’s Saga, being an account of the early adventures of Brynn, at the behest of Jeffrey of Osthoff, curator of the XPs Brynn iron armed, bicep bulging hale and hearty Brynn Warden entrusted, elf-maiden wanted Sallies forth, friends found stag on snow, blood bespattered Elf-maiden safe away Shrine spider-infested Brynn bitten, spider squishing stratagem suggests […]

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Faster Than A Speeding Recap

Brian managed to show up, and played his super-speedster Fasttrack.  Fasttrack was originally created for a Silver Age Sentinels game that never got off the ground (I blame Doug and Paul for breaking the system before we even started), and a version of him became Brian’s main character in City of Heroes.  He seemed pleased […]

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Kapow! Mini-Recap

We’ve had a couple of sessions since the last report, and the players seem to be enjoying it a lot, but I’ve been too busy with other things (such as working on the manuscript for Kapow!) to do proper recaps. Just so that we don’t forget what’s gone on so far: Redline has been working […]

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Kapow! Quick Hit

Last night wasn’t scheduled to be a Kapow! session, but since there was some confusion due to skipping last week’s session to finish Russell’s Gradulfiad arc, Dan didn’t bring his game, so Kapow! it was. Since both Redline’s and Public Defender’s players were absent, I sidelined their plot threads; also, because the players were starting […]

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