Searching it Old School

Here’s how I do it:  only roll when you’re testing the character’s skill, not the player’s; roll when the player says they’re searching; only roll once per character; give the players the benefits of their own skill at coming up with ideas without rolling;  and no pixel-bitching. The Judge describes the scene to the player, including anything the character would […]

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The Tomb of Horrors and Player Mindset Stuart Robertson talks about his group’s experience with the infamous Tomb of Horrors back in 1987 over on G+.  Spoilers abound, so don’t read that or this if you care.  The gist of it is that after the players lost a bunch of PCs in the initial false entrances, and the party got down […]

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Brownies of Salmagundi

A new race for D&D 5e Brownies are small humanoids that help with domestic chores in return for gifts.  They pride themselves on living honestly and virtuously, and view theft and fraud with disgust. They bargain hard, but their word is their bond.  In lands above-ground they are generally found as merchants, tinkers, scribes and explorers, […]

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