Brownies of Salmagundi


A new race for D&D 5e Brownies are small humanoids that help with domestic chores in return for gifts.  They pride themselves on living honestly and virtuously, and view theft and fraud with disgust. They bargain hard, but their word is their bond.  In lands above-ground they are generally found as merchants, tinkers, scribes and explorers, their diminutive size compared to many surface-dwellers not making them as well-suited to manual labor or the arts of war.

Stats: +2 Wis Size: Small (approx as Halfling) Speed: 25 Age: Brownies reach maturity at age 20, and may live a century or more. Alignment: lawful

Shrewd: Advantage on Insight vs. chicanery and fraud. Proficiency in double-entry bookkeeping.

Industrious: your training times (but not still costs 250 GP for one extra proficiency) are halved, as you make efficient use of your spare time to practice new skills.

Thrifty: you may maintain yourself in a lifestyle up to Wealthy for the price of one life-style lower due to your ability to find bargains and make do. Does not apply to the Aristocratic life-style, since that requires conspicuous consumption.

Languages: speak, read, and write Gnome, Dwarf and Common.

Tool Proficiency: Proficiency in a set of craftsman’s tools of your choice.



Once in a while a Brownie is seized by some big idea, and becomes monomaniacal.  Such Brownies are likely to throw aside the usual Brownie interests and pieties in  pursuit of a singular field of knowledge or art, including performing arts.

Ability Score Increase: +1 Int or +1 Cha

Inspiration: Gain Expertise (double proficiency bonus) in a single field of art or knowledge of your choice.

Obsessive: Working in your field invigorates you, and counts as a Short Rest.