Space Hostilities

Apropos of nothing at all, the following example characters from Zap!

Solitaire Jones

Template: Bad-ass
Drive: Get rich
Toughness: 3, Stamina: 2, Will: 3, Actions: 2
Gunslinger 5 – shoots first
Alertness 5 automatic defense
Hotshot Pilot 6
Maintenance 4
Knows a guy 4 – knows people everywhere
Charming Rogue 4
Smuggler 4
Major: Wanted by the law: Jones has outstanding arrest warrants on most of the central planets.
Minor: Bad at fast talk: If Jones attempts to talk his way out of a situation, he usually makes it worse.
Minor: Never tell me the odds: Jones is a lousy gambler.
New Powers begin @ 5 New Shticks begin @ 4

Vehicle: The Peregrine

Hull: 4, Toughness: 2, Power: 2, Crew: 0
Movement 5 (D) Power-up to 7 w/chance of Burn-Out
Deflector Shields 4 automatic defense
Gun Turrets 4
Cargo Bay A 5
Cargo Bay B 5
Power Plant 5
Sensor Dish 5
Restriction: Cranky. Each session roll a random system that has the Erratic Disadvantage for that session
Mortgaged; Jones has to keep working to pay off the ship, or it’ll be repossessed.
New Powers begin @ 5 New Shticks begin @ 4

Parsifal Farmer

Template: Bad-ass
Toughness: 3, Stamina: 2, Will: 3, Actions: 2
Photon Blade 5
Pilot 5
Star Knight Intuition 5
Star Knight Danger Sense 5 automatic defense
Dirt Farmer 4
Mechanic 4
Star Knight Traditions 4
Star Knight Psi 4 (D) Slow (requires 2 actions), (A) Flexible: telekinetically move small objects, telepathic communication, detect psi powers, mind shield
Photon Blade d8
Major: Easily swayed by a pretty face
Minor: Orphan
Minor: Sister issues
New Powers begin @ 5 New Shticks begin @ 4

Grr’onk, Trog Co-pilot

Template: Unique
Toughness: 4, Stamina: 2, Will: 3, Actions: 2

Big 6 Half again as big as a human, and strong to
Hairy 6 automatic defense thick hair is hard to penetrate, and even if  something does it’s hard to tell where the vital spots are in there
Pilot 4 Can operate most of the ships systems, but starship piloting isn’t typical of Trogs

Starship Maintenance 3 can fix systems that go wrong, sort of
Wilderness Survival 4 Trogs are at home in the jungles and forests
Major: human-sized gear doesn’t fit
Minor: Can’t speak Galactic, though he understands it; his voice box and lips aren’t shaped correctly.
Minor: Fastidious. Doesn’t like to do anything that will make him have to clean all that hair.
New Powers begin @ 6 (or 4 if they don’t fit the stereo-type) New Shticks begin @ 4 (or 3 if they don’t fit)