Huzzah! It is Mine!

Starships & Spacemen (via that is.  This was one of the earliest SF roleplaying games, and I remember enjoying the heck out of it with my brothers and sister.  It was basically an unlicensed Star Trek game, with the PCs serving as crew on a “Confederation” starship.  Classes represented various branches of the service, […]

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Chgowiz Quiz

These were the answers I gave: Blogger: Chgowiz’s Old Guy RPG Blog – Post a Comment I play in three different groups, which meet with varying frequency, one of which has rotating referees, so my answers are somewhat complicated. 1. What are you doing with an original edition/retroclone D&D? I’m a player in an AD&D+homebrew […]

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Quick Thoughts on Risus

We tried Risus for the first time last Sunday, for another round of the episodic space horror game I run when the mood hits me.  Even though Risus is officially a humorous game (Risus being Latin for laughter), it’s still a reasonably good fit.  Humor and horror have a good deal in common as far […]

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Hand-waving Dungeon Travel

The party that’s been exploring Stonehell has reached a point where getting back to the yet-unexplored part of the dungeon and then out again is taking too much of the play-session, at least if I roll for wandering monsters as they travel and restock the likely places like the Orc’s guard-post.  In the old days, […]

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