Borderlands Quotes

On the topic of the topping for popcorn at his movie theater:
I use “I Can't Believe It's Not Evil!” – Chucky (Doug)
Evil? ……PARKAY! – Obediah (Paul)

Two two-star movies make four stars – Chucky

I will emerge from the alley, having vanquished another fishy foe – Obediah

Didn't know my name was Long Gulp, did you? – Obediah

OK, Crazy Guys! Good Morning! – Fitz (Brian)

Upon revealing the department store that featured in Fitz's dream
Of course it's Macy's! – Joshua (the GM)

Considering the fact that she's a mannequin, I don't think I'm in any real danger – Fitz
I want you all to remember he said that – GM

No, I not here to play…I here for conversation – Chucky, doing his shtick

Upon the Paul unveiling yet another plan to try and gain information by having somebody else's character seduce an NPC:
If it isn't the burning, it's the pimping… – GM

The Menace at Macy’s: Gaming summary for 4/25/04

Well, this blog is moving along in stunning fashion, isn’t it? After just one post in January and another in February, it was reasonable to hope that the 7 posts in March might be the start of a trend, but here we are at the end of April with nary a post to be seen. Scott and Rachel must think we’ve all died, or lost all interest in role-playing. I take some of the responsibility for this on myself, since I have taken on the role of the chronicler of the “Borderlands” campaign, yet I have only managed to attend one session this month. I will do my best not to let this happen again.

I’m told there’s a game going on during the Sunday nights that I don’t attend, but nobody is summarizing that, so I have no evidence of it. Come on, guys, I can only game every other week, give me some vicarious gaming to read while I’m supposed to be working.

Wendy, feel free to post the quotes from the Borderlands campaign so far; I’ve already forgotten most of them.

So here’s the summary for last night’s session, which featured not only our first actual combat in this campaign, but also the first earned point of Mojo (to Doug). Unfortunately, said point of Mojo was expended just moments later to prevent Doug’s untimely death, but nobody’s perfect. Extra kudos to Doug for attending a gaming session fresh from a 27-hour flight back from Australia. He didn’t even stop home first, people! That’s dedication! I’ve also switched from present tense to past tense for the summary. Why? Because I felt like it.

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