Borderlands Quotes

On the topic of the topping for popcorn at his movie theater:
I use “I Can't Believe It's Not Evil!” – Chucky (Doug)
Evil? ……PARKAY! – Obediah (Paul)

Two two-star movies make four stars – Chucky

I will emerge from the alley, having vanquished another fishy foe – Obediah

Didn't know my name was Long Gulp, did you? – Obediah

OK, Crazy Guys! Good Morning! – Fitz (Brian)

Upon revealing the department store that featured in Fitz's dream
Of course it's Macy's! – Joshua (the GM)

Considering the fact that she's a mannequin, I don't think I'm in any real danger – Fitz
I want you all to remember he said that – GM

No, I not here to play…I here for conversation – Chucky, doing his shtick

Upon the Paul unveiling yet another plan to try and gain information by having somebody else's character seduce an NPC:
If it isn't the burning, it's the pimping… – GM

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  1. Ah, yes, that really takes me back to my gaming days, spouting random hilarities, pimping out Wendy…

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