Back in the Saddle Again

Back where a fiend is a fiend… Yup, the splitter has apparently dried out, so I was back online last night, making up for lost time. I actually ended up trashing the character (a Darkness power Scrapper named Dark Wednesday, whose backstory is that she's Wednesday Addams grown up as a vengeful vigilante) that got […]

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I just finished a tough mission in an office building in CoH, left the building, and found myself in the middle of a firefight between a bunch of folks way higher in level. Before I could even run, I got toasted by one of the baddies, and now my character has an experience debt to […]

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Pool Party

In City of Heroes, sixth level is something of a milestone, since it's the first time that “Power Pools” become available. Initially you pick powers from your primary and secondary sets, which come from a list of those available for your class. Power Pools are available to all classes equally, and it's from these that […]

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Roleplaying in City of Heroes

Paul suggested to me that the “Virtue” server was the unofficial server for roleplayers, i.e. people who actually like to talk in character while playing and bother to make up origin stories, etc. so I headed on over and made up a character (a 7' tall Axe-wielding Barbie doll called Barbizon. Battle Cry: Cleavage? I'll […]

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From Zero to Hero!

I made a new City of Heroes character last night (so what else is new?) called RadStorm, a Mutant Wind/Radiation Controller and teamed up with Doug's Violet Anger and a friend of his playing a Magic Fire/Ice Blaster and by the end of the evening we were all 6th level. Boy that was a lot […]

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Ding! Ding! Ding!

Brawnwen is now 5th level, and Thudmilla 4th. Magma Maid and Dark Betty are still 3rd, so I'll probably take one for a spin tonight, while Thunderella languishes in 2nd. I actually started Thunderella over again to change her costume a bit–I'm still not completely satisfied, but I didn't realize the first time around how […]

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City of Heroes, Again

Since it's my current obsession, and nothing else is happening on this blog (or at least nothing until after next week's session), I thought I would ask Doug and Paul to step up and tell us a little about their characters. I'll kick it off by telling you what little I know Update: I've copied […]

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Introducing… Dark Betty

I scrapped my Purple Rose MindControl/Empathy character, after Doug's comments made me realize that it didn't really fit my style of play/level of skill (I am not up to keeping track of everybody's current status to see who needs healing–I can barely keep track of which way I'm facing!). So instead I created a Defender […]

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City of Heroes Rocks!

Thanks to Doug's and Paul's mad mentoring skillz, my initial character, Magma Maid, has “dinged” third level! Woohoo! Actually, I probably could have advanced faster than that, but making new characters is too much fun. I now have five characters, all on the Pinnacle server: Magma Maid: Fire Tanker Thunderella: Electro Blaster Purple Rose: Mind […]

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