Elves and Espers

So we’ve just started a new campaign, GMed by me, using stripped down D&Dish rules that I’ve dubbed Elves and Espers. In a nutshell, the idea is: What if you projected the fantasy world of old-skool D&D forward thousands of years into a science-fiction-y future? Cyb-Orcs with force swords! Dwarven Espers! Pointy-eared Elven Scientists analyzing […]

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Scenario Breaker Rolls

Jeff’s Gameblog: a handy tip for CoC keepers, and others Annotated tags: rpg More importantly, a fair number of those Spot Hidden rolls were scenario breakers. That is to say, if you didn’t find the door leading to the ghoul catacombs (or whatever) the adventure was effectively over. Here’s how that would work out in […]

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