Elves and Espers

So we’ve just started a new campaign, GMed by me, using stripped down D&Dish rules that I’ve dubbed Elves and Espers. In a nutshell, the idea is: What if you projected the fantasy world of old-skool D&D forward thousands of years into a science-fiction-y future? Cyb-Orcs with force swords! Dwarven Espers! Pointy-eared Elven Scientists analyzing things with imps bound into “pentacorders”!

Elves and Espers has a wiki, with the rules so far all written down and everything. Check it out.

Elves and Espers is intended to sit somewhere along the Retro/Stupid axis of Jeff Rient’s Threefold Model. So far, I think I’m hitting it about right, but I’m hoping you all will let me know.