Ars Character Creation – Antonio Dandolo

Hey All,

I thought I'd throw up the character concept on the blog that we were going through on email so that everyone can make fun of it! (Or at least anyone who actually reads this anyway….)
>'s are my original email
text are Paul's responses.

I had a quick chat with Paul, so I thought I'd go through a bit of chargen online. I'll throw out some ideas which Paul may nix.

Here we go:

Antonio Dandolo
Grandson of sitting Doge Enrico Dandolo
Age 25

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Gaming Summary, May 22, 2005

The first part of the evening was spent disucssing the set-up for Paul's upcoming Ars Magica campaign, and I think everyone is pretty excited about it (at least, I am). The rest of the evening was a NuNeng episode in which, it appears, not all that much happened, although it seemed like more at the time. Must have been all the bickering.

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The Unicorn Tapestry: Gaming Summary, May 1, 2005

Last night was the fullest house I've ever seen at Josh's, and possibly the fullest on record. Every current member was present, and we even had a guest! You might imagine that most of the evening was lost in idle chatter with no role-playing at all, but you'd be WRONG. Even deprived of the dining-room table, seated on the far-too-comfy couches, there was role-playing, in-character banter, and even advancement of the plot. Hang on, kids, this one could get rough.

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