Tolkien Not Spoken Here

I’ve just decided that in my new setting, the Haunted Realm, I’m not going to have either Orcs or Hobbits (or even “Halflings”). Probably no great surprise to my players, but I had mentioned Orcs as being one of the Invader races and I’ve thought the better of it.  The grunts of the invading army […]

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The Haunted Realm

This is the write-up of the introduction to my new Savage Worlds Sandbox setting, The Haunted Realm: Up until ten generations ago, the Bright Kingdoms were a happy, prosperous land, where Human, Elf, and Dwarf lived in peace. Then catastrophe struck. Nobody yet knows exactly what occurred, but something vast and terrible happened. In a […]

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The Adventurers

Left to right they are: Ranth the Scout Angelina the Tomb Raider Aerys the Duelist Qwirk (behind), the Fighter Dorakyra (in front), the Priestess of Kyr (Collector of the Dead) Loric the Physician Tyrok the Dwarven Architect and Priest of Fess (God of Fire and Smithing) Torvald the Demonologist Because of special guests from my […]

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