Thrunk goes Klunk

First fatality in the new (Jeff and Andy) campaign: Jeff’s character Thrunk Shillelagh got pinned in a corner by a trio of skeletons and hacked to bits. Andy’s character Link was running pellmell for the exit of the dungeon, and so wasn’t in any position to try first aid or to recover the body. Remember kids: In D&D always bring a Cleric!

Russell sez

Buried in a comment that nobody but me will read, so I’ve copied here:

It looks like I’ll be running a few Sunday D&D games while I’m on the East Coast. Sunday night players might want to browse the game web-page at to get a sense of the world and to start designing characters. I tend to make a lot of world information available, so much that it intimidates some. Most of the information is just for my own benefit, although there’s nothing most PC’s wouldn’t know. So don’t be put off by the bulk, and just skim the parts you need for your character or that you find interesting.

Corrupting the Youth of Athens

We introduced Jeff’s nine-year old son Andy to the joys of D&D over the weekend, and I have to say that it went remarkably well. He caught on very quickly, no doubt because of Andy’s vast exposure to computer games, including some RPG-ish games (such as Kingdom Hearts). Granted, it wasn’t a real role-playing challenge, just a dungeon crawl, but you have to start somewhere, and there is a lot to be said for a linear structure and concrete objectives.