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Just in time for Halloween!

Argh! The Supernatural RPG

Do You Dare?


Unlock the power of your imagination? Any kind of monster, any kind of mystery… One Simple, Fast, Exciting system!


Argh! gives you everything you need to play the supernatural thriller of your dreams… or nightmares! Supernatural Powers, magic, aliens, monsters…it’s all there, and you don’t need a degree in accounting to create the Slayer, or the monster, you’ve always wanted to play!


Does your supernatural game sound like a thriller? If you use Argh! it will. Argh! uses the SFX! System, which blends free-form play, with players deciding whether their actions are plausible within the  genre, and dice-driven mechanics where the degree of success–or failure–can come as a surprise to all, and the tension is real.