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Roll Character History

I've put the preliminary web interface to my table-rolling program up. Currently there are only two tables: a very simple table for rolling up bar names, and a very complex table for rolling character histories.

Play around with it, and feel free to nitpick. Things that I know are still problems in some of the tables:

No [something] yet – means a sub-table was called that I haven't bothered to fill out.

() – means that a subtable was called but didn't yield and answer.

was/were – this should show only the appropriate form. If it shows up as written it usually means that there's some missing whitespace in the table so the pattern matching didn't work

” ” – sometimes a subtable yields nothing, but there's no sign of it except a word seems to be missing from a sentence, e.g. “whose goal is ,”

Various places where the subject doesn't agree with the verb.

Various places where a space is missing between words.

The Character History table is actually a lot more robust than this makes it sound. If you let me know any problems you find (generally I need the exact text to track it down), I'd appreciate it.

The Sewers of Old New York: Gaming summary for 5/23/04

As I wrote the recap for this week's session, I realized that several names were tossed about, and I didn't manage to remember any of them clearly. At the time, I figured that getting people's names wrong was in character for Fitz, but it does make the recapping harder. If I got anything wrong, let me know, and I'll edit accordingly.

Editor's comments in bold

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Dungeon Delving: Gaming Summary for 5/16

Since it was Doug's turn to GM, but he couldn't make it, we played D&D.

The Three Paladinos continued to explore the dungeon, while Doug's cleric headed back to town to rest and recuperate. They found a spiral stair down and descended into the first underground level. The first thing they encountered was a chamber with a glowing pool and a book on a pedestal. From the tales back in Paladin Academy they recognized these as a healing pool and a Shrine of Memory (aka a Save Point). They triggered the shrine and the book floated up and opened in a burst of light. Glowing runic script invited them to record their names in the the Book of Valor. They did so, thus ensuring that as long as at least one of them survived to return to the book, the others could be brought back.
They proceded onward, into the stygian gloom.
After lighting a torch to make the gloom less stygian, they started poking around the suprisingly spacious network of corridors. Following the right-hand rule, they explored and defeated: a Krenshar (a hideous cat-like thing which peels the skin of its face back revealing a bloody skull and emitting a howl that casts Fear)–Wendy's Paladin stood her ground while the other two turned tail and bravely ran away (She excecuted a fighting retreat until her companions recovered and came back to help). A pair of Zombies, who for some reason had an unstrung loom in their room. A giant ant, surprisingly nimble and yet ineffective with its mighty mandibles.
At this point in the proceedings the trio had accumulated enough experience to Level Up (sfx including being bathed in light, a triumphant musical flourish, and levitating slight off the ground while the camera pans around them). Newly empowered and restored to full health and magic, they proceeded to fall into a forty-foot pit and there had to wrestle with a Giant Centipede. They defeated the centipede and we broke for the night.

The Menace at Macy’s (conclusion): Gaming summary for 5/9/04

This week's session was a bit disjointed, but I think that was more a result of the players finding their footing in the characters and the milieu than any fault of the GM's. Or it could have just been me, because I was very tired. As a result, the summary may be fractured as well, but here we go…

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