Roll for your life!

Roll Character History

I've put the preliminary web interface to my table-rolling program up. Currently there are only two tables: a very simple table for rolling up bar names, and a very complex table for rolling character histories.

Play around with it, and feel free to nitpick. Things that I know are still problems in some of the tables:

No [something] yet – means a sub-table was called that I haven't bothered to fill out.

() – means that a subtable was called but didn't yield and answer.

was/were – this should show only the appropriate form. If it shows up as written it usually means that there's some missing whitespace in the table so the pattern matching didn't work

” ” – sometimes a subtable yields nothing, but there's no sign of it except a word seems to be missing from a sentence, e.g. “whose goal is ,”

Various places where the subject doesn't agree with the verb.

Various places where a space is missing between words.

The Character History table is actually a lot more robust than this makes it sound. If you let me know any problems you find (generally I need the exact text to track it down), I'd appreciate it.