Weirder Fantasy

So, my Monday group has been talking a bit about a post by Ken on running a low-magic, restricted race and class (Human only, Fighter and Thief only) setting. A bunch of my thoughts on “low magic” and what feels magical have appeared on my blog (e.g. Niven’s Law and Low Magic) but I want to […]

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Niven’s Law and Fantasy Roleplaying

Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology – Niven’s Converse to Clarke’s Law In my last post I discussed the application of Clarke’s Law to SF Roleplaying, and how too zealous an application can mar the SF feel of an ostensibly SF setting, by making tech seem magically limitless.  It might be objected that […]

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Getting in the Mood

I’ve been away for a week on business, so I haven’t been posting…but I have been reading: I’d forgotten how good Fafhrd & the Grey Mouser stories are, and how fired up they get me to play RPGs. On a more modern note, I really enjoyed: Also a potential source of inspiration, at […]

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