Announcing Rollon!

I am pleased to announce that after countless hours in my secret underground labs, I am ready to release my creation on an unsuspecting world! I give you…. Rollon! Rollon Plugin – a plugin for rolling randomly on tables The goal of Rollon is to make creating and rolling on tables as easy as editing […]

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While I’m on the topic of useful software for RPGS (though more for RPG bloggers than GMs and players), I find Scribefire really useful.  It’s a Firefox plugin that lets you quickly highlight something on a web page or blog post and write and publish a blog post to your own blog quoting it.  I […]

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Listen Now!

Since all the cool kids are doing it (see below), and I actually have a blind friend who might someday stumble across this blog even though he’s not much of a roleplayer, I’ve added Odiogo’s text-to-speech reader to the blog. Stargazer’s World » Listen to this blog! Odiogo is a service that provides an audio […]

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Tiddle Your Mind… With TiddlyWiki!

Since Freemind and other such mind-mapping tools are getting some RPG Blogosphere loving (such as FreeMind Tips for Game Masters, and Free Your Mind…With Free Mind), I figured I’d give another plug for my favorite light-weight GM note-taking and campaign planning software tool: TiddlyWiki.  I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s worth mentioning again, since not […]

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Special Purpose Wikis

I’m a fan of wikis for organizing and letting you search for game information. I’ve got the main Haunted Realm campaign wiki running on my website using MediaWiki, but that’s for public consumption; I still need a place for working on all my campaign notes that the players aren’t supposed to see.  I’ve mentioned TiddlyWiki […]

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