Thinking of the Children

I’m going to be running a game for my friend Mac and her three children (ages 7 through 12) in the near future.  She’s been playing D&D with them for a few months now, and I’ve been a player for some of the sessions.  When I mentioned that even though I sometimes had a hankering […]

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Too Good To Be True

A Tunnels & Trolls character so good I suspect a bug in my Rollon plugin: STR: 13 CON: 17 DEX: 11 SPD: 8 INT: 16 WIZ: 23 LK: 24 CHR: 23 Except I rolled dozens of characters while testing it, and never saw the like before…

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Tunnels & Trolls 5.5 vs 7.5

An overview of the changes that I’ve noticed between T&T v5.5 and v7.5  All the comparisons phrased in terms of what 5.5 has/lacks vs. 7.5, since I read 7.5 first and went over it extensively.  Also, some of the changes in 7.5 appeared in 5.5 in a couple-page appendix of Ken St. Andre’s house rules: […]

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Tunnels & Trolls: Magic

Magic in Tunnels & Trolls is a fairly standard (though innovative back in ’76) system of individual spells that cost spell-points to cast.  In earlier editions, your spell-points were your STR, now they’re your WIZ, which seems to me widen the range of possible character types quite a bit.  The names of the spells are […]

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Tunnels & Trolls: Monsters

Here’s a stat-block for a monster from Tunnels & Trolls: Basilisk MR 78 Here’s the same monster, with the initial Combat Adds prefigured: Basilisk MR 78  Adds 8d6+39 Here’s a Basilisk with special damage: Basilisk MR 78 Adds 8d6+39 4/Medusa 4/Medusa means that any turn when it rolls four 6’s in its damage it also […]

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Tunnels & Trolls: Combat

“Combat is the true heart of any role-playing game.” – Ken St. Andre, Tunnels & Trolls v7.5 Combat is the first place that T&T is radically different from what went before…and what came after.  Combat is quite abstract, with turns taking 2 minutes each, during which there is “probably 10 seconds of action and 110 […]

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Tunnels & Trolls: Chargen

At first, the mechanics seem fairly standard.  You have 8 Attributes: Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Speed, Intelligence, Wizardry, Luck, and Charisma.  (Wizardry is apparently new in 7+…previously Magic used Strength, which meant that powerful Wizards were also amazingly strong.)  You roll 3d6 for each Attribute…and here you run into the first somewhat unusual thing: if you […]

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