Too Good To Be True

A Tunnels & Trolls character so good I suspect a bug in my Rollon plugin:

STR: 13 CON: 17 DEX: 11 SPD: 8
INT: 16 WIZ: 23 LK: 24 CHR: 23

Except I rolled dozens of characters while testing it, and never saw the like before…

6 thoughts on “Too Good To Be True

  1. Actually, rough calculations are that about 1/900 characters will have 3 triples. I don’t know how many you were rolling, but it doesn’t look necessarily like a problem with your PRG.

  2. Only one. It’s possible that it’s chance, but I’m wondering whether I neglected to clear the flag indicating it’s a triple, so that after the first it treats the rest as if they were triples… I’ll take a look tonight after work.

  3. Hm. I’m not seeing a bug…if the code didn’t clear the flag, it would be in an infinite loop, so that’s not it. I guess I just lucked out.

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