We Belong Dead

Since Doug said that his favorite area/storyline in WoW was the Undead home area, I went back to my Undead Warlock, Malika, and kept at it. I got her up to level 6 last night, and it was pretty interesting. The class description did turn out to be more-or-less correct that Warlocks are a good […]

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A Good Day in Westfall

Well, I tried again last night, and had a much better time. After perusing the WoW forums for a little bit, and finding a relevant thread, I realised that a lot of people objected to people using the team invite if you haven’t spoken to their character first, either in a whisper or locally. There […]

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Global Chat

CoH has just added a spiffy new feature: Global Chat. Now you can tell if your friends come online, even on a different server, and you can talk to them across servers. You can even make customized chat channels. Neat. My global “handle” is Mysterious_J. To initialize the global chat client the first time, type […]

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World of Warcraft Thoughts

Well, I’m not cancelling just yet. Paladins turn out to be much more fun than Warriors (thanks to Paul for the suggestion), but… *While levelling is pretty quick at the beginning, it seems to slow down much faster than in CoH and a lot less happens when you level. My Paladin is now level 13, […]

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