Tunnels & Trolls: Armor, Poisons, and Treasure

Continuing our look at T&T 7.5, the next bits deal with Armor, Poisons, and Treasure.

Armor is damage resistance; the value of the armor is subtracted from any damage rolled against the character (apparently including magical damage), though not against “spite” damage.  It can be bought either in complete suits or piece-by-piece, with the values of the pieces being additive. They seem to be equivalent, though you have to be up on your armor names to be able to deduce exactly what pieces go into a particular suit.  They have Min STR requirements, also additive.  As near as I can tell you are flatly prohibited from using any armor or weapon for which you don’t meet the minimum requirements; that’s certainly simpler than figuring in penalties.  Warriors, remember, get double the benefit from any armor worn, which is a pretty spiffy ability, and probably necessary to distinguish them further from everybody else in the world who can wear heavy armor as long as they meet the STR minimum.

Next is a list of 11 example poisons, most of which can be applied to weapons or are a result of a bite or sting by a monster; some do damage, some reduce combat adds, some paralyze a creature, and some permanently reduce an Attribute.  There are also rules for Antidotes (each poison has a specific antidote) and for potions of permanent immunity to a particular type of poison.

Finally (as far as this post is concerned), there’s a Random Treasure Generator.  This is a fairly standard table of types of treasure and sub-tables for more specific details about each type: money, weapon, armor, jewelry, potions, and jewels.  Of note are the facts that, like absolutely everything else in T&T, the charts only use d6; armor is sized for a particular type of Kindred; and potions require a Level 1 SR vs LUCK to see if they do anything each time they’re used!

Nothing particularly special here, though at the time armor as damage reduction instead of armor class as a reduction in the chance of scoring a meaningful blow was a big innovation.  If I recall correctly, T&T armor used to be ablative–that is each hit reduced the value of the armor until it was gone.  Subtracting from each attack is a much more meaningful contribution.  It all seems pretty playable.

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  1. Luck SR for using potions? Indeed! How could I’ve missed that!?

    Next session will be fun! 🙂

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