BESM Dungeon

I tried running a solo game for Russell, using the new Big Eyes, Small Mouth: Dungeon pregenerated adventure. I’d been wanting to try BESM, just to see how the system worked, and this seemed like a good opportunity. As it turns out, BESM isn’t bad–I think a bit better in terms of chargen than actual […]

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From Russell

To answer Rachel, I guess the Sunday game was on hiatus for wedding-related reasons the last two weeks. I came back to visit Josh this weekend, and ran a second Hero-Cities adventure. The group was Eldor, the slacker elf sorceror (Doug); Rolly, the indestructible dwarf wizard (Paul); Bronwyn the Dostoevsky priestess (Josh) [I think he […]

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Where is everybody?

Don’t you people game anymore? We wanna hear the gory details here in Vancouver! How’re we supposed to live vicariously through y’all if y’all don’t write up your campaigns? And speaking of gory details, how was Wendy’s wedding? 😉

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Guest GM report

I was guest GM at both last Friday and Sunday’s games. Both games are set in my fantasy world where adventuring types are organized into hero-cults, dedicated to deeds worthy of the founding hero (and drawing power from the said hero). The Friday group consists of Bell the very good-looking paladin (Josh), Erabod the elven […]

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