Where is everybody?

Don’t you people game anymore? We wanna hear the gory details here in Vancouver! How’re we supposed to live vicariously through y’all if y’all don’t write up your campaigns?

And speaking of gory details, how was Wendy’s wedding? 😉

One thought on “Where is everybody?

  1. Hey, with a gorgeous, sunny fall day (enhanced by a castle in the background, sort of!), a fantastic pumpkin cake, and a devastatingly handsome groom, how could you go wrong?

    Yeah, ok, so there were a few “gory details.” I won't go into them right now except to apologize to all and sundry for any unpleasantness involving Sid the photographer. Grrrr.

    I had a good time, mostly. 😉 Hope everyone else did too! Photos (amateur) will show up with me next week…

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