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To answer Rachel, I guess the Sunday game was on hiatus for wedding-related reasons the last two weeks. I came back to visit Josh this weekend, and ran a second Hero-Cities adventure.

The group was Eldor, the slacker elf sorceror (Doug); Rolly, the indestructible dwarf wizard (Paul); Bronwyn the Dostoevsky priestess (Josh) [I think he means Tolstoy (War and Peace) — Josh]; and a new fighter who adopted the nom de guerre “Bob” (Mike). We had some important character insights this game. For example, Eldor’s bad French accent is the result of a contagious disease that Bronwyn caught during the course of the adventure, but which mutated into Spanish, probably in Rachel’s honor. Rolly speaks fluent pig Latin. Mike names all his character’s WEAPONS but not his character.

Plot summary: A recon mission sent to spy on the gnolls has gone missing in Yaga’s Forest (aka, a bad place to be after dark). Since Belaphon the naiad couldn’t locate them by scrying, their commander concluded that they were probably in one of the entrances to the Armory, which is magically protected against divination. Our quartet volunteered to be one of several groups, each sent to look at an entrance. In fact, in Bronwyn’s words:
“Ooh! Ooh! Since we’re the PC’s, we volunteer to go to the entrance where they ACTUALLY ARE!”.

Each group is given a supply of healing potions for the people they are saving, and a few other supplies, like a whispering wind scroll to summon help from the officer corps. They go together to a few miles of the Armory, then split up. A wild boar and a few healing potions later, they find that as usual Bronwyn is correct. A trail of blood and consumed healing potions leads them to the entrance to the tunnel. As they are about to reach the tunnel, they are ambushed by two gnoll trackers, but Rolly puts one to sleep and “Bob” and Bronwyn beat up the other.

They find the tunnel, which is marked with the sign of the Hikitami cult in mud fingerprints. Since one of the MIA’s was in that cult, they decide to use the scroll to report success. But it will take up to half an hour for an officer to reach them, so they go inside the tunnel. “Bob” (very luckily) finds a trip-wire, and the group avoids it. A few hundred yards later, he finds a pit-trap, but not so luckily, he finds it by falling inside. A few healing potions later, the group is on the other side,and has reset the trap just in time to hear “Snap! Aaarggh!!!” from back down the corridor. Another group of gnolls has entered the tunnels, and got caught in the arrow trap the PC’s avoided.

Two gnolls appear in view down the corridor. They rush towards the party, just in time for Eldor to summon magical grease, on which they slide right into the pit trap, landing on their heads. But it’s not over. The boss gnoll is behind the cannon-fodder. “Bob” valiantly if not too cleverly jumps over the pit, sliding on the grease [Actually Eldor cancelled the spell — Josh] towards the boss. He takes on the boss in single combat, but gets some magic missile support from the magicians. The boss decides to flee, but is shot full of arrows by Eldor and Bronwyn as he turns to leave.

A few healing potions and a net trap later, they find the missing party. They use up the last of their healing magic getting that group conscious — Rapsel the Hikitami cultist was the only one functional. She had found, disabled and then reset the tunnel traps to ward off the gnolls that had been following their group. The druid officer Lilamir arrived, in the form of an owl, and escorted them back to the rendezvous, where they were congratulated and rewarded for their success.

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  1. I just want to note that at all those points in the summary where Russell mentions healing potions being used the in game actions were Mike's character drinking said healing potions. He is addicted, me thinks. He was popping those suckers like they were was no tomorrow. In fact, I think he ran full throttle at the Boss Gnoll not to defeat him, but in a twisted ploy to get more of that healing nectar! Sick!

  2. That would explain a certain pattern:

    “The rest of you stay back! I'll handle the wild
    boar!'' (glug)

    “I'll go ahead to “search'' for traps.'' (glug, glug)

    “I jump across the pit and face the boss gnoll
    mano-a-mano, blocking all missile fire'' (glug, glug, glug).

    Of course, he was the fighter, but still —
    Rolly's toad has an many hit points as a first-level fighter…

  3. I just noticed the comments. A little explanation:

    1) Steven (as he is now named) stayed behind while everyone else snuck away from the boar because he was the only one with Animal Handling skills. He failed miserably at it, but he has the skill.

    2) Steven took the lead searching for traps because he is the only one with a long handled weapon (a glave) and WE DON'T HAVE A FIRKING THIEF.

    3) Steven attacked the gnoll leader bcause he's an idiot with an 8 wisdom who wants to be a hero.

  4. All very rational reasons (or is it rationalizing
    resons?). Teasing aside, taking risks seems to
    be part of Steven's personality, and it's fun to
    have you play him so consistently!

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