Zounds! is here!

I’m thrilled to announce that Zounds! the Fantasy RPG is now available from RPGNow!  I feel like this is the best SFX! game yet.  It’s certainly the biggest in terms of content. It’s also the first to have illustrations other than the computer graphics ones that I do… swiped from dead people the world over! […]

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XP for Loot in D&D

Gaining XP for recovering loot is the cornerstone of level progression in D&D, or at least the early editions. You can remove it, but if you do you’ll have to make other changes to keep the whole thing from collapsing.  People deride it as “unrealistic” in the sense that suddenly being given a wad of […]

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What’s all this, then?

I’ve moved Tales of the Rambling Bumblers from its long-time home at webamused.com to here, at wordpress.com.  So you should probably update your bookmarks.  The reasons behind it are mostly a crappy webhost (lypha.com) that seems to get crappier every year, and a bunch of malware attacks that took far too long to clean up […]

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