Zounds! is here!

Zounds! Cover

I’m thrilled to announce that Zounds! the Fantasy RPG is now available from RPGNow!  I feel like this is the best SFX! game yet.  It’s certainly the biggest in terms of content.

It’s also the first to have illustrations other than the computer graphics ones that I do… swiped from dead people the world over! (All public domain, that is.)

Check it out!

3 thoughts on “Zounds! is here!

  1. Gratz on completing a project like this. I know how much work it takes. And for free I’ll download it and check it out even if it’s a type of rules lite game that I’ll likely never play. It will likely at least be fun to read.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it’s not likely to be something that you’ll ever play, or even mine for ideas… but it has some nice pictures 😀

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