Zounds! Appendix N

Recommended Reading
Many of these are among my favorites, and all of them had an influence on Zounds!, if only to consider whether they would present any problems if you wanted to play something like them using the system.

Alexander, Lloyd The Prydain Chronicles
Anthony, Piers A Spell for Chameleon
Aragones, Sergio and Evanier, Mark Groo
Ariosto, Ludovico Orlando Furioso
Asprin, Robert Myth Adventures
Bramah, Ernest Kai Lung’s Golden Hour
Bujold, Lois McMaster The Curse of Chalion
Byfield, Barbara N. The Book of Weird
Clamp Magic Knight Rayearth
Cook, Glen The Black Company; Garrett, P.I.
Cook, Rick The Wizardry series
de Camp, L. Sprague and Pratt, Fletcher Complete Enchanter
Dickson, Gordon The Dragon and the George
Eddison, Eric The Worm Oroborus
Friesner, Esther (ed.) Chicks in Chainmail anthologies
Goldman, William The Princess Bride
Hodgell, P.C. God Stalker Chronicles
Howard, Robert E. Conan; Kull
Hughart, Barry The Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox
Jones, Diana Wynne Howl’s Moving Castle; Dark Lord of Derkholm
Koike, Kazuo and Kojima, Goseki Lone Wolf and Cub
Kuttner, Henry The Dark World; Elak of Atlantis
Le Guin, Ursula Chronicles of Earthsea
Leiber, Fritz Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser
Levine, Gail Carson The Two Princesses of Bamarre
Lewis, C.S. The Chronicles of Narnia
Lovecraft, H.P. The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath
Mahabharata Indian traditional epic
Malory, Thomas Le Morte d’Arthur
Martinez, A. Lee Too Many Curses; Company of Ogres; A Nameless Witch
Moon, Elizabeth The Deed of Paksenarrion, etc.
Moorcock, Michael Elric; The Chronicles of Corum
Moore, C.L. The Black God’s Kiss
Moore, John Heroics for Beginners
Novik, Naomi Temeraire series
Pierce, Tamora The Protector of the Small, etc.
Pratchett, Terry Discworld
Rosenberg, Joel The Guardians of the Flame
Sakai, Stan Usagi Yojimbo
Scott, Martin Thraxas
Smith, Clark Ashton Collected Works
Spencer, Wen A Brother’s Price
Stasheff, Christopher A Wizard in Rhyme
Tepper, Sheri The True Game
Tolkien, J.R.R. The Lord of the Rings; The Hobbit
van Gulik, Robert Judge Dee series
Vance, Jack The Dying Earth
Wagner, Karl Edward The Kane series
White, T.H. The Once and Future King
Wu, Cheng-En Journey to the West
Zelazny, Roger The Chronicles of Amber; The Lord of Light; Creatures of Light and Darkness