“John Carpenter’s Ski Resort” or “The Blob That Came in from the Cold”

Good heavens, it’s another recap! This one happened so long ago that I don’t even remember the date of it. Elyssa had been playing with our group for several sessions now, but the only GM she’d played with was, well, me. And that’s Just Not Right, so Josh put together a one-shot for an evening when we were short a few players.

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Gaming Summary, 1/14/07

Hello? Anybody in here? Bleah, look at all the dust in here. Cobwebs, too…is that a dead mouse in the corner? Yuck. You’d think it’s been months since anybody posted a recap here. Well, I say, let us not be slaves to inertia! Let apathy no more rule the day! We have gamed, and I shall boldly recap! Onward!

This particular session was another one of Josh’s trippy one-shots, where…well, see for yourself.

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Back on the Chain Gang…Gaming for 7/2/06

Yes, all right, so it took me two weeks to write last session’s summary. I had a lot of editing of actual books to do, plus the recap itself was a bit of a challenge — how do you recap a session where some of the players knew things before others? You just wing it, is what you do. This session was presented to us as a one-shot, set in a sci-fi universe, leaning more toward the “realistic” than the “fantastic.”

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The Horror, The Horror

That’s right readers, we actually gamed last night. Josh was kind enough to put together a 1-shot Deep-Space Exploration Horror session.

Of course, we didn’t know this starting out so we :
a) Started out the session by singing Karaoke Revolution: Country for about 1.5 hrs.
1) Wendy knows too many country songs
b) Upon receiving our 1-shot “character sheets” started filling in character skills as though we were actually playing S.P.A.N.C. instead of “Event Horizon.” (To be fair it was mostly Wendy, Paul, and Mike)

Tone issues? Us? Never. Never ever. No, no, no, no…

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