They Call Me The Seeker

International Hobo – Your BrainHex Class is Seeker-Mastermind Your BrainHex Class is Seeker. Your BrainHex Class Your BrainHex Sub-Class is Seeker-Mastermind. You like finding strange and wonderful things or finding familiar things as well as solving puzzles and devising strategies. Each BrainHex Class also has an Exception, which describes what you dislike about playing games. […]

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Depth Vs. Breadth in Skills

In Pricing breadth in skills, T-Bone, of the Games Diner, muses on how to price depth vs breadth in skills: Games typically address depth in all the detail you’d want – which isn’t much, really. Some systems might offer skills as a binary “you got it or you don’t” switch, which won’t satisfy enthusiastic character […]

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Become a Better Player

Rob Lang, of the Free RPG Blog, has switched sides of the GM’s screen and asks for tips on becoming a better player, so here are some of my thoughts: Give your character a personality. It needn’t be anything elaborate, and you don’t have to put on an accent, change your speech patterns, or even […]

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