Once More Into The Breach!

Since G+ is closing up in about 10 months, people are thinking about paying more attention to blogs, and discussions are starting to migrate (or at least plan to migrate) to other venues.  Since I don’t do Twitter and Facebook, I’ve created an account on one of the other ones that seems to be gaining […]

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What’s all this, then?

I’ve moved Tales of the Rambling Bumblers from its long-time home at webamused.com to here, at wordpress.com.  So you should probably update your bookmarks.  The reasons behind it are mostly a crappy webhost (lypha.com) that seems to get crappier every year, and a bunch of malware attacks that took far too long to clean up […]

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Social Stuff

At the suggestion of one of my commenters, I tried adding some social stuff to the blog so that people could submit posts to Digg, Reddit, and so forth.  Since I don’t use any of those, I don’t really know how valuable they are… but I ended up turning off the Digg button for now, […]

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Listen Now!

Since all the cool kids are doing it (see below), and I actually have a blind friend who might someday stumble across this blog even though he’s not much of a roleplayer, I’ve added Odiogo’s text-to-speech reader to the blog. Stargazer’s World » Listen to this blog! Odiogo is a service that provides an audio […]

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Elves & Espers: Zombots

Zombots are corpses that have been infested with nanite colonies that grow mechanical linkages to make them lurch around in an unholy resemblance to life.   Zombots are hideous travesties, with wires and rods piercing their flesh, writhing under their skin and snaking around their bloody and decaying bodies, manipulating them like grotesque marionettes.  In settings […]

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If you can see this you’ve found the new home of Tales of the Rambling Bumblers! The entries all seem to have imported, and the users are set up; if you want access and can’t remember your password, give me a holler.

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Comment Authentication Back On

Since I’m getting a flood of spam comments, and no legitimate ones (are any of you even reading this any more?) I’ve switched comment authentication back on. If you don’t have a TypeKey id, you’ll have to go register on their site. It’s pseudonymous…you don’t need to enter any personally identifying information to get one; […]

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Comment Away

Since Russell can’t be bothered to set up a free Typekey registration to authenticate to this blog, I’ve once again enabled non-authenticated comments. If I get a flood of spam, though, I’m turning it back off.

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This blog was hacked recently. I think I have everything back in order, but let me know if anything seems wonky…

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