Sunday Night Crashin…

Hey All, I really apologize about crashing last night. I hadn't realized quite how tired I was from all the moving and painting that went on this weekend. On the plus side I did manage to get home OK, and after going to bed and sleeping 9 hours, I managed to be only 1/2 an […]

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Authors Link

I’ve added an Authors link on the left hand side to take you to the Movable Type control panel, so that you can easily add entries even if you discarded the url that I originally sent. You’ll probably have to log in first, and then select the BlogRiPpinG blog as the one that you want […]

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Wilkommen – Bienvenue – Welcome

Welcome to BlogRiPpinG, a blog to record comments and info about our Sunday RPG group’s activities. I’m hoping this will encourage people to do a little more writing up about the campaign goings-on, as well as providing a more permanent home for the notable quotes that currently end up only the back of people’s character […]

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