Nominations for Open Game Table Vol 2. Now Being Accepted

Per Jonathan Jacobs, he’s starting to accept nominations for posts to be included in the second Open Game Table anthology of RPG blog posts.
The submission deadline for nominations of blog posts closes January 15th, 2010. I’ve streamlined the submission process so that all you need to is submit a valid URL. Up to 5 per submission form can be accomodated; but there’s no limit to how many you can send in. The nomination form, and more information, can be found here
I’d be honored if anyone wanted to nominate some of my posts.  Some of the more popular posts are listed to the right, under Notable Posts (the one on Sandbox Play was included in the first volume), but of course I encourage everyone to poke around in the archives.  Actually, I encourage everyone to poke around in the archives whether they want to submit something or not.

My Copy of Open Game Table Arrived

And it shore does look purdy.

I haven’t read it cover-to-cover, it’s not that kind of book, but leafing through it there are a number of interesting articles that I hadn’t seen before…either they hadn’t caught my eye in the RPG Bloggers Network feed, or they had been posted before I first joined.  And of course there are some of my old favorites, like the piece on adventure design from I Waste the Buddha With My Crossbow, or Jeff Rient’s How to Awesome-Up Your Players, immortalized in print.

My hat’s off to Jonathan Jacobs, who did a bang-up job.

Open Game Table Anthology

Since I am one of the contributors, you’ll naturally want to buy six or seven copies. And six or seven copies for all of your friends. It’s your patriotic duty, after all, to stimulate demand and lift the economy.

Open Game Table — Released March 23rd

Open Game Table, The Anthology of Roleplaying Game Blogs will be released for intergalactic sale on March 23rd, 2009. It will be available directly from Lulu Marketplace, Indie Press Revolution, and for the retail price of only $22.95. Look for it on March 23rd, trust me… you’ll love it.

Actually, I don’t get anything from this except the satisfaction of seeing my name in print, and an author’s copy.  But from what I’ve seen, it looks pretty nice.