The pit of shadows

I GMed a 3rd Hero-Cities adventure with the Sunday group last week. The cast was: Rolly, the invincible dwarven wizard (Paul); Eldor, the slacker elven sorceror (Doug); Sorin of Molosh, swordswoman supreme (Wendy); Bronwyn the priestess who is into personal growth (Josh); and the fighter formerly known as Bob (Mike). Actually, the last got several […]

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From Russell

To answer Rachel, I guess the Sunday game was on hiatus for wedding-related reasons the last two weeks. I came back to visit Josh this weekend, and ran a second Hero-Cities adventure. The group was Eldor, the slacker elf sorceror (Doug); Rolly, the indestructible dwarf wizard (Paul); Bronwyn the Dostoevsky priestess (Josh) [I think he […]

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Guest GM report

I was guest GM at both last Friday and Sunday’s games. Both games are set in my fantasy world where adventuring types are organized into hero-cults, dedicated to deeds worthy of the founding hero (and drawing power from the said hero). The Friday group consists of Bell the very good-looking paladin (Josh), Erabod the elven […]

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Russell sez

Buried in a comment that nobody but me will read, so I’ve copied here: It looks like I’ll be running a few Sunday D&D games while I’m on the East Coast. Sunday night players might want to browse the game web-page at to get a sense of the world and to start designing characters. […]

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