Conan Wore Armor, Dammit

The Recursion King: Continuous initiative Recently, in our D&D sessions, I decided to resurrect the idea of a continuous initiative system. Continuous initiative means just that – it is continuous – and does not have a one person acting per combat round order.The order is determined by how high the initiative values are (like normal) […]

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Supporting the Old School

My copy of Labyrinth Lord arrived today from Amazon, and it looks nice. Labyrinth Lord, you’ll recall, is one of the retro-clone projects that attempts to recreate D&D free of copyright impediments by using only new text plus what’s been released as part of the OGL, and itself is an OGL Product. I have to […]

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Shields As Ablative Armor

Trollsmyth: Shields Shall be Splintered! I’m considering allowing the shield to act as ablative armour. One thing historical shields frequently did was shatter. A strong blow with an axe or a sword could cleave a shield, splintering the boards. Viking duels often had a three-shield rule, allowing each combatant to enter the contest with a […]

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Getting in the Mood

I’ve been away for a week on business, so I haven’t been posting…but I have been reading: I’d forgotten how good Fafhrd & the Grey Mouser stories are, and how fired up they get me to play RPGs. On a more modern note, I really enjoyed: Also a potential source of inspiration, at […]

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