Player Agency vs. Narrative Control

Player Agency is when as a player, your decisions matter… they have weight and consequences, and play out into the future in the game.  Narrative Control is when the player can control what goes on in the world, including what the consequences are or whether to accept them. As I view them, they are incompatible despite the […]

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Numenera Quick Hits

Some quick impressions of Numenera from Monday’s game: I like the mad-lib character generation. I might even steal it. The names Glaive, Jack, and Nano for the character types aren’t particularly evocative for me.  Nanotech is the new phlebotinum and it already feels worn out. Cyphers is a bad name for the one-use devices. The […]

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Fate Accelerated Non-Review

Not a review, just an impression I was flipping through Fate Accelerated at the game store yesterday, and it seemed like the mirror-universe version of my own SFX!  There are strong similarities (maybe because I played and hacked so much FUDGE back in the day), but almost every concrete difference I noticed was the exact […]

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Basic Roleplaying d20 Hack

Since I can’t look at a system without wanting to hack it, here’s how I would hack BRP: Replace d100 with d20.  That means Characteristic Rolls would be straight d20 vs. Characteristic, instead of d100 vs. Char x 5.  You’d have 1/5 as many points to divide among your skills (50 instead of 250, e.g.). […]

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Zounds! is here!

I’m thrilled to announce that Zounds! the Fantasy RPG is now available from RPGNow!  I feel like this is the best SFX! game yet.  It’s certainly the biggest in terms of content. It’s also the first to have illustrations other than the computer graphics ones that I do… swiped from dead people the world over! […]

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Kapow! Playtesting Continues

We’ve been playing Kapow! and overall I’d say it’s going well: the players seem to be engaged and having fun.  At the end of one session, in which as a result of one of his character’s Complications it was revealed that unbeknown to him, his character had a 20-year old daughter, Doug gave it a […]

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Unlucky 13

I generally like the idea of fumbles in games, being both true to life and literature, although they can be a problem if they’re too frequent or severe.  A fair number of published systems would have a tenth or more of an army incapacitating themselves over the course of a battle. Another thing that I […]

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