What’s all this, then?

I’ve moved Tales of the Rambling Bumblers from its long-time home at webamused.com to here, at wordpress.com.  So you should probably update your bookmarks.  The reasons behind it are mostly a crappy webhost (lypha.com) that seems to get crappier every year, and a bunch of malware attacks that took far too long to clean up thanks to the crappy host’s crappy hosting.  It’s not the only hosting service I deal with, so I suppose I could have just moved it over to one of the others, and transferred the domain name, but in the end this is just easier.  Webamused was mostly defunct anyway: I got it way back when I wanted to learn how to create websites. Now that I do that for a living, or at least as part of my living, maintaining it is too much like work when all I really use it for is blogging.

So, here we are.  Eventually I may spruce it up a bit with a new theme and header, but for now, welcome back to the Tales… of the Rambling Bumblers!