Notable Quotes

Tell me I’m going to hell – James Jadwin, requesting a bit of roleplaying on the part of the working girl at the local cathouse, whom he’s first had dress in a nun’s habit…

Jou are goin’ to hell, jou know – Sor. Theresa’s favorite phrase

Demons always operate without a permit – Sor. Theresa

Freakin’ Benjamin Franklin shit! – Paul

You’ll find me at the bar, engaged in a round of “Scrub the poop-deck, you drunken Darbi” – Zobar

Touch my substance! – Magmar

The trunk is booby-trapped, and despite my nimbleness, I appear to be a booby. – “Fingers”

You can have some Raspberry Death Twist – Rachel

We should let evil people do what they want – Doug

Yes, but I can’t steal, so someone else will have to take these things – Sor. Theresa

I want to offer those sailors my services – Amos the Greater

As the only person in this room likely to actually invent a time machine… – Scott

This is the 4th or 5th time tonight that the phrase “Everybody did” or “Everybody does” can be translated as “Doug did” – Scott

Well, generally there’s violence involved…and then some sailing – Seth the Lesser

I actual have a 4 in camping skill, so bite my ass! – Rachel

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  1. So I just went ahead and added a quote — was that the right way to do it? It didn't seem worth starting a whole new entry for one lousy quote.


  2. That's fine. Everyone should feel free to either edit existing posts or start new ones, whichever seems to make more sense. I agree that a new post just for one quote probably wouldn't have been worth it–although that particular quote probably deserves some context…

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