Notable Quotes

Tell me I’m going to hell – James Jadwin, requesting a bit of roleplaying on the part of the working girl at the local cathouse, whom he’s first had dress in a nun’s habit…

Jou are goin’ to hell, jou know – Sor. Theresa’s favorite phrase

Demons always operate without a permit – Sor. Theresa

Freakin’ Benjamin Franklin shit! – Paul

You’ll find me at the bar, engaged in a round of “Scrub the poop-deck, you drunken Darbi” – Zobar

Touch my substance! – Magmar

The trunk is booby-trapped, and despite my nimbleness, I appear to be a booby. – “Fingers”

You can have some Raspberry Death Twist – Rachel

We should let evil people do what they want – Doug

Yes, but I can’t steal, so someone else will have to take these things – Sor. Theresa

I want to offer those sailors my services – Amos the Greater

As the only person in this room likely to actually invent a time machine… – Scott

This is the 4th or 5th time tonight that the phrase “Everybody did” or “Everybody does” can be translated as “Doug did” – Scott

Well, generally there’s violence involved…and then some sailing – Seth the Lesser

I actual have a 4 in camping skill, so bite my ass! – Rachel

3 thoughts on “Notable Quotes

  1. So I just went ahead and added a quote — was that the right way to do it? It didn't seem worth starting a whole new entry for one lousy quote.


  2. That's fine. Everyone should feel free to either edit existing posts or start new ones, whichever seems to make more sense. I agree that a new post just for one quote probably wouldn't have been worth it–although that particular quote probably deserves some context…

  3. James Jadwin did not either make Amy in the cathouse dress up like a nun. That never happened!

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