The Rambling Bumblers

Scott complains that my characterization of the group currently in the Spice Islands as the “Rambling Bumblers” is harsh. Well, it may be harsh, but the epithet isn’t mine: “Rambling Bumblers” is what Wendy’s been calling the group since the fiasco in the “Pandora’s Box” dimension. If the group would like to pick an official name for that campaign, I’m open to suggestions.

7 thoughts on “The Rambling Bumblers

  1. Hey All,

    I don't see what the problem is, everyone thinks it's a totally appropriate name. 🙂

    Unless “Rambling Bumblers” should apply to the rose-tower campaign, so the Kids campaign can be “Rambling Bumblers 2:”
    With possible subtitles of:
    “Why do we even have this lever?”
    “Destroyer of Worlds”

  2. I always thought “Rambling Bumblers” was exclusive to the Rose Tower campaign… not that it's not pretty descriptive of the current campaign. But I always think of the current one as “The Issy Experience, Featuring Seth”. I'm just sayin'.


  3. I may be misremembering, but I thought that the Rambling Bumblers came after the Rose Tower, if for no other reason than the party hardly did any rambling in the Rose Tower game; their first adventure was exploring the tower, and they just settled in to stay.

    Origins aside, does anyone have any suggestions for what they would like to call the group who may-or-may-not-be known as the Rambling Bumblers?

  4. Well, we need to ask Wendy, perhaps, but I thought I distinctly remembered the name being used before the current campaign was ever conceived.

  5. The problem with “Destroyer of Worlds”, interestingly enough, is that it does not uniquely specify which campaign you mean. We have destroyed the universe in multiple milieus, I am proud to say.

    I also want to point out once again, surprisingly, that not a single of these world destructions was my character's doing. I did not open the box of unspeakable evil, spread demons from dimension to dimension, or fire the shot that cracked time.

  6. Not only that, Scott, but you've only lost one or two of your characters to death or madness. Obviously you're not at the top of your form when playing on Sunday.

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