Holding Pattern

Basically I’m waiting for responses from my beta-readers before working on the Kapow! manuscript more.  Russell had some good suggestions for revamping the beginning to simplify things and get people playing faster, but I don’t want to perform major surgery on it until I’ve heard back from more people.  Meanwhile, I’m busy at work so have less time and energy in the evening for wrestling with RPG stuff.

I have a bunch of other Kapow! projects I’d like to work on, like a Source Book for the setting we’re using, and a Rogues Gallery of villains and organizations for people to drop in their campaigns.  I’ve even been talking with some of my players, like Russell and Dan, who’d like to use Kapow! for different genres such as modern fantasy/horror… Russell and I spent a bit of time recently brainstorming what should be changed or adjusted to do a modern-day fantasy/horror campaign a la Buffy or the Dresden Files.  It seems very do-able, but I really want to get Kapow! itself out the door first.  That said, if anybody has any good ideas for what to call a modern-day fantasy version of Kapow!, I’m all ears.  I’ve been calling it Grr, argh!  but that’s a little too specifically Mutant Enemy Productions….  Snarl! maybe?