D&D Castle Inhabitants

Since I can’t use a multi-step table without wanting to automate it here’s a Inspiration Pad Pro table I wrote to generate the inhabitants of a castle, according to the charts in Original D&D LBBs.  They looked like this:


Additionally, castles would have 30-180 guards, split 50-50 between Light Foot armed with crossbows and Heavy Foot.

Personally, I think the picture of the world they paint is pretty amazing… far more unusual than the “vanilla fantasy” that D&D is often accused of being.  I’m really looking forward to my players interacting with this in the future.

The generator file is on the NBos Software site.  Example output:

Patriarch, with 6 Superheroes, 70 guards
Evil High Priest, with 10 Spectres, 130 guards , Assistant (level 6)
Evil High Priest, with 5 Spectres, 140 guards , Assistant (level 6), Assistant (level 4)
Lord, with 3 Giants, 120 guards , Cleric (level 3)
Lord, with 3 Myrmidons, 140 guards
Evil High Priest, with 10 White Apes, 90 guards , Assistant (level 6), Assistant (level 6), Assistant (level 6), Assistant (level 7), Assistant (level 6)
Patriarch, with 6 Superheroes, 60 guards
Wizard, with 1 Wyverns, 100 guards , Fighting Man (level 7) , Apprentice (level 7)
Lord, with 5 Myrmidons, 110 guards , Cleric (level 4)
Superhero, with 9 Swashbucklers, 110 guards