We Belong Dead

Since Doug said that his favorite area/storyline in WoW was the Undead home area, I went back to my Undead Warlock, Malika, and kept at it. I got her up to level 6 last night, and it was pretty interesting. The class description did turn out to be more-or-less correct that Warlocks are a good solo class–at least in the first six levels, she didn’t die, and was able to accomplish all the beginning quests in a reasonable amount of time. Having the pet imp is a big boon, if you use him pretty ruthlessly (letting the enemies whale on him so that you can cast spells uninterrupted). I’d probably feel bad about it if I was a hunter, and my pet was a wolf or something, but a demonic imp that you can re-summon whenever he dies? No problem. According to the back-story, Warlocks are definitely evil, even if Undead aren’t necessarily so (the humans in the area that you have to fight are all aggressive anti-undead fanatics, so even a self-defence-only character could conceivably complete the quests that involve killing them) and it’s certainly… different trying to role-play an evil character. It may come easily to Doug and Scott, but I’ve almost always played nice characters, whatever their nominal alignment was. I’m trying to get into the spirit of things (heh) with Malika, but it’s not coming all that easily.