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Well, I’m not cancelling just yet. Paladins turn out to be much more fun than Warriors (thanks to Paul for the suggestion), but…

*While levelling is pretty quick at the beginning, it seems to slow down much faster than in CoH and a lot less happens when you level. My Paladin is now level 13, but I don’t think I’ve gotten a new spell since level 10, nor been able to weild a new weapon or acquire better armor. So the only thing that seems to happen is stats get unnoticeably better (at least, I can’t tell any difference from having them go up by 1), and you get extra talent points, which again provide very small incremental benefits.

*There’s still very little customization: all stats for a class start the same and advance the same, and while in theory you can choose which spells to take, in practice you can afford to take them all (at least so far). That leaves talents, which so far you do have to pick and choose which ones you want, and magic stuff, which Paul tells me is eventually how characters end up being different.

*Finding people to team up with is hard I think I offered to just about everyone near my level fighting in the same area last night, and all I got was refusals. The one time I did team up with someone I regretted it, because he just charged off, wandering farther and farther from the area where I had quests, and every time I asked what he was up to he just said “kill stuff”

*It’s the rp server, but I hardly notice any rp going on, except people standing around the inn in Goldshire. Maybe it’s all on team chat so I can’t overhear it…

*Are there any trainers or a forge anywhere in the Westfall area? I can’t find them, but running back to Goldshire is a pain in the butt

*I briefly tried a Horde character (an Undead Warlock). Interesting to see the area they start out in…very reminiscent of the Playstation game Medieval. Ultimately too creepy for me, though. I don’t really like running around staring at my character’s exposed spine all the time…

*I also tried a Dwarf rogue briefly. I like the snowy area outside of Ironforge, but I’m not sure about the class. Hard to tell at 1st level, and I didn’t get to try any of the quests, because that’s the character who had the unfortunate choice of companions. I should have realized there was something bizarre about a 6th level character wanting to team with a just-materialized 1st level…

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  1. Mr Josh,

    Yeah… teaming up isn't nearly as easy as it is in CoH. It's actually one of my big complaints, since after having the CoH teaming system, I can't see any reason why you would go to anything less than that ever again. WoW was created with Soloing in mind, but I do enjoy small groups (especially playing a healer).

    One hint… you get new “powers” every 2 levels. If you go back to the Cathedral in Stormwind, you'll find that you can get your lvl 12 powers.

    There is a Forge and Anvil area in each main area so far that I've found. In Westfall, they're on the far side of the Sawmill from the Inn. (There's no building, the anvil and forge are set up against the outside of the Sawmill building.)

    I don't think there are any trainers generally outside the starter areas and major cities. (And not every city has every trainer… I think the cities only have trainers for classes that that race can be – i.e. Paladins are Ironforge and Stormwind only)

    Oh, if you're like me, you'll start to get a bit frustrated in Westfall around Lvl 15… at that point, head out to the dwarf Lvl 10-20 area (Loch ) until 18ish, then come back Westfall and finish up (you should find deadmine groups in the 20-23 range). Then Redridge will be good for 18-22. After that, the world really opens up. You can do the Wetlants, or Head up to Southshore, or head over to the NE lands and do stuff over there. Just running around looking at the different areas becomes more cool around that point becuase you start to not get one-shotted as much. 🙂

    Honestly, of the races that I've played (Gnome, NE, Human, Orc, Undead) the Undead have the best “atmosphere”. I like them a lot. 🙂


  2. Was WoW really created with soloing in mind? So much of the stuff at low levels seems unsoloable. Not just the Elite Monsters like Hogger, but Kill X quests where the X hang out in groups of three or more (Murlocs and Gnolls, for instance are very gregarious, and even Defias will pile up in any indoor area that you might happen to need, say, a pocket watch out of). Maybe I'm just much better at CoH, but it seems to me that the solo-friendly classes in CoH make it much easier to solo than the solo friendly clases in WoW.

    I'd happily give Undead another shot if you'd care to create a char and team up (or your Undead char isn't very high level yet). I'd maybe try something other than Warlock, though I'm not sure what.

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