Global Chat

CoH has just added a spiffy new feature: Global Chat. Now you can tell if your friends come online, even on a different server, and you can talk to them across servers. You can even make customized chat channels. Neat. My global “handle” is Mysterious_J. To initialize the global chat client the first time, type /chatbeta 1. This will create a handle for you, which is either your current character name or, if you have a CoH Forum name, the forum name. You can change it once. To add a global friend you type /friend @theirhandle and they’ll get a notice that you’re trying to add them as a friend, which they can accept or decline (to prevent griefers from friending you to find out whether you’re on, and as what alt, and following you around). To send a tell, type /t @theirhandle, message.